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Торговые Системы Форекс
August 20, 2019
Knowledge Base Solution What are the accounting credit debit classifications for Client Accounting Suite?
September 26, 2019

Some parts of the introduction from the book

T he night was pleasantly warm, though a little humid, as carloads of fans made their way along the 70 freeway, heading south. In the distance, the sky was filled with four oval-shaped lights shooting up from the entrance of the Savvis Center, which sits about 30 minutes away from the Gateway Arch, located in historic downtown St. Louis, Missouri. This is the city known as the Gateway to the West. This is where dreams begin

This was a special night for a city known for its unwavering diehard dedication to the world of sports. The wait was over! It was time for the most highly anticipated showdown the city had seen in years. The streets were abuzz, scalpers trying to sell last-minute tickets and sirens from police cars trying to clear the street.